Get Involved


There is NO required time commitment when you join the PTA. Volunteers are always welcomed and needed. 
PTA Member is someone who has joined the PTA, and has voting rights at the meetings, and if they wanted, could become an elected member of the board.  They may or may not want to volunteer.  A PTA volunteer is someone who has offered to help with a PTA event or program. Most PTA volunteers are members.  
Volunteer opportunities in the following areas are welcomed but not limited to:
☐ Fundraisers         ☐Teacher Appreciation Week      ☐Serve as a PTA Board Member
☐ Box TOPS            ☐ PTA  Webmaster/Newsletter    ☐Field Day             ☐Dances
☐ Bookfair             ☐ School Store              ☐Get out the vote/membership


Stop by the PTA Room and Volunteer!








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